Trump Orders USG Strike Inside Baghdad International Airport – Quds Force Leader Killed

Democratically elected US President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike inside the perimeter of Iraq's Baghdad International Airport, and through doing so assassinated Iranian Quds force commander Qassem Soleimani while inflicting other casualties. Arrivals and departures from the airport have been disrupted by the attack. The attack is being presented by USG sources as retaliation for the recent seige of the US "Embassy" in Iraq by Iraqis who eventually dispersed when ordered to do so by Iraqi police and military forces.

The attack could have carried many of the marks of an effective punitive action if only the USG had not already been a constant, active, and losing participant in the region's conflicts since September 11th, 2001. This USG attack plainly surpasses numerous 20th century casus belli in its gravity as a clear act of war against both Iran and Iraq, consistent with the USG's status as a rogue state. The only aspect of the attack that might deter declared war from happening to the USG now instead of later is the certainty that whoever follows Donald Trump as the nominal head of the USG will certainly be more derpy.

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