Trump Acquitted Of Impeachment Charges As Senate Trial Ends

The US Senate has acquitted democratically elected US President Donald Trump on the charges brought forward in the lower legislative chamber's impeachment. Utah GOP Senator and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was the only member of Trump's party to defect and vote with Pantsuits to remove Trump from office on the first charge in a 52-48 vote. On the second charge Trump was acquitted 53-47 as neither vote reached a simple majority nor the supermajority actually required for conviction and removal.

With the impeachment circus brought to a close, the Pantsuits are doomed to confront Trump electorally.

2 thoughts on “Trump Acquitted Of Impeachment Charges As Senate Trial Ends

  1. This is an example of Trump's horrible hiring and endorsement decisions. Trump endorsed Romney in the 2018 Utah senate race. He kept several Obama holdovers, like Eric Ciaramella. He allowed democrats to ream his allies, such as Manafort, General Flynn, and Roger Stone.

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