Welcome to Qntra! Founded in October 2014, our goal is to publish news, views and commentary related to Bitcoin. As we're not beholden to advertisers, there is no requirement for us to push the tired narrative that other so called Bitcoin news websites publish day in, day out. This enables Qntra to report on anything and anyone, good or bad.

Qntra was formed as the result of a discussion regarding the need for a Bitcoin news site that reports on the facts, the happenings in the Bitcoin space and the people involved in such projects.

Since its founding, Qntra has featured a number of stories on Bitcoin and the political, economic, legal, and business environment surrounding it. Issues affecting the security and well being of persons involved in Bitcoin are covered alongside stories of the moral, technical, and financial bankruptcy of the fiat system we seek to reject.

If you enjoy Qntra, you are encouraged to join us on IRC at #trilema via the Freenode IRC network. If you do not know how to use IRC, you can follow this link for a web based client. See this guide for the first steps in getting started with #trilema.

Lastly, Qntra is on the hunt for writers who wish to publish original and factual works. To submit pieces to Qntra, you must at a minimum be registered in the WoT and have a GPG public key for shares to be credited to. Most successful submitters will have completed 6 months of reading theĀ #trilema logs. Experience and knowledge of Bitcoin and the ecosystem surrounding it are critical to submitting credible writing. If you meet the requirements, please visit the contact page and for more information, and read this post which details how authors are compensated.

Your continued support of the Qntra is appreciated. Spread the Qntra anywhere you feel better Bitcoin news is needed.

Qntra Faculty

Aaron 'BingoBoingo' Rogier, Editor in Chief

BingoBoingo is a trained librarian with a Master's degree in Information Science and Learning Technology from the University of Missouri, and has been following Bitcoin since the time of the first block halving. He has been reporting and blogging on Bitcoin related topics since September 2013 when Ethan Burnside's BTC-TC venture collapsed.

Mircea 'mircea_popescu' Popescu, Chairman Of The Board, Miscellaneous

This Romanian expatriate who very kindly provides the servers, even though we've been getting hit with denial of service attacks since well before we had readers. Mircea's Curriculum Vitae is available online.

Jonathan 'cazalla' Bahr, Editor Emeritus

cazalla is a small holding farmer in the temperate south of Australia whose professional background brings him a variety of skills and experiences which are invaluable to the news gathering business of Qntra. A bitcoiner since the end of 2012 and an asseteer beginning late 2013, cazalla believes it is fortuitous to be alive at a time of great change, which is something Bitcoin is sure to soon bring.