As TMSR OS Project Gains Momentum It Begins Leaving Legacy Project Devs Behind

With the young TMSR OS project beginning to take shape, quite a few "developer teams" and "communities" are finding themselves depreciated. From MUSL's legacy developers disqualifying themselves over hieroglyph fixations to the rEFInd developer's silent satisfaction leaving him out, an increasing amount of code is finding itself liberated from herd driven debasement.

The Most Serene Republic has a long history of saving software from legacy developers with victories including MP-WP, a blogging platform that works unlike the competition, and the capture of CAL3D and CrystalSpace which are being made to actually work for S.MG's flagship Eulora.

Jacob Welsh (WoT: jfw), developer of the Gales Linux distribution shaping itself to be the core for building TMSR OS, offered the following:

In addition to building new, simple and comprehensible tools, we are moving to preserve historical codebases, keeping them maintained and operational, adding missing functionality (that which solves actual problems), and permanently revoking the power of previous developers to tax the users by forcing unwanted change.

We have a version control methodology built around the concept. We did it to key cryptographic tools including Bitcoin and GPG. We did it to the Linux kernel. We've proven the concept with a full statically linked Linux system bootstrapped from source. We're doing it to compilers, standard libraries, even firmware and bootloaders. And we're prepared to do it to anything that stands in our way.

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