African Bus Arsonist Who Tried To Burn 50 Italian Children In His Care Blames Wops For Not Letting More Of His People In

Afro-supremacist Ousseynou Sy, who tried to burn 50 Italian children under his care as a bus driver back in March has claimed that he is not to blame for his attempted holocaust. Instead he asserts that former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is to blame for implementing policies discouraging African migration to Italy (archived). Sy claimed the policies contributed to the deaths of Africans despite reported drowning deaths actually declining during the period they were in effect. Salvini has since lost the Interior Ministry after his party's coalition with the Five Star Movement was replaced by a coalition between Five Star and a legacy Pantsuitist party. Unrepentant and without any legal defense, Sy claims he would burn busses full of children "a hundred times" to avenge his African fellow travelers.

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