Pantsuit Media Tries To Dethrone #WOKE Voice of a Generation Kanye West With Forced Meme

With Kanye West, the #WOKE voice of a generation flying a Make America Great Again banner, mainstream Pantsuit outlets have launched an all out forced meme campaign to replace Kanye with a more obedient representative of Black America. For this pupose Pantsuit has settled on Donald Glover, a former NBC sitcom writer thoroughly indoctrinated in Pantsuit dogma.

Donald Glover On The Plantation In His MindDonald Glover released a video titled "This is America" to substantial Pantsuit acclaim. In the video Glover Larps as Levar Burton's Kunta Kinte committing petty acts of violence, and all the while Glover's mind is throughly in the plantation. As can plainly be seen, Glover is a light skinned actor producing traditional minstrel show fare for urban white and jewish consumption. Thusly the short film has lead to numerous mainstream headlines attempting to force it as a meme.

Meanwhile discussion of Kanye West and TI's debate track Ye vs. The People has been limited to black media and scholarly venues.

This blantant attempt by agents of Pantsuit to force the shape of Black American conversation is reminiscent of Pantsuit efforts to ignore and drown out discussions of actual computing and cryptographic work.

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