Not Quite News Roundup Xtend 14 (TM)(R) – The Great Again Cometh

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of the Qntra Not Quite News Roundup Xtend (TM)(R). The below events are alleged to have happened, but they are decidedly innocent of newsworthiness.

  • Violent protests continue in major American metropolitan centers as NEETs continue adapting to their new employment. Amid the continued economic stimulus wrought by the mere likelihood of The Great Again, one protester in Portland was shot by an African American male in his late teens who fired into the crowd and fled by motor carriage.
  • An 18 year old student at the University of Louisiana Lafayette faces charges of filing a false police report after she confessed that she falsified her initial report that two white men attacked her and stole her hijab. She admitted that she was actually not attacked. There is no word on what actions may be taken against her by the University of Louisiana Lafayette for her bias incident intended to incite crime against white men.
  • This week's altcoin drawing unwarranted attention is "our democracy".
  • Numerous similar unsubstantiated reports of attacks against persons who are not white men have been receiving substantial attention in the mainstream media without any details being provided. The attacks are simply being referred to as a "wave" with few particular incidents at all being described. Meanwhile numerous racially motivated attacks against white men and women are being committed with the attackers assuming their victims must have voted for Trump due to their whiteness.
  • Vagrant "overdoses" continue in downtown St Louis. There still have been no fatalities reported, but the number of vagrants hospitalized is approaching one hundred.
  • Social media has been flooded by calls for violence by radical leftists in the United States following a dramatic defeat of the country's major socialist party in the recent election. The major socialist party lost on nearly every single national or statewide office on the ballot outside of Illinois and municipal offices in urban metropolitan areas.
  • Four Americans, two soldiers and two contractors, were killed during a bombing inside Bagram Air base in Afghanistan. The bomber was also killed in the blast.
  • The Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement is now dead. The two thousand plus page agreement negotiated in secret required an untold number of bureaucrat centuries to compile.
  • The manner in which the Trumpreich will obliterate Obamacare is in flux with congressional members of the GOP supposing to fill the void with a less oppressive but equally spendy beast that will continue throw value into the financial black hole that is the American healthcare system.
  • Marine La Pen's chances of becoming the next French prime minister continue to improve as called on Qntra back in June.
  • Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert's backup quarterback, after protesting American politics by kneeling during the national anthem confession that he did not care about American politics enough to vote in the election.
  • After a brief fundraising boom, OpenBSD is failing to meet their new, more ambitious fundraising goals. The amount of funds presently raised however appears sufficient to keep the lights on.
  • There is speculation that "our democracy" will handle the question of Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Huma Weiner's criminal activity by opening token prosecutions of the two allowing Hussein Bahamas to officially pardon them to avoid prevent actual prosecution via the constitutional prohibition on "double jeopardy".
  • Many who warned of the crisis to "our democracy" presented if Trump and his supporters refused to accept the election's outcome are now refusing to accept the election's outcome, if that wasn't clear already from recent events.
  • In spite of the campaign to replace the United States Government with the Trumpreich's promises to drain the swamp in the US capital, there has been no discussion of any particulars regarding dykes, weirs, or pumps to conduct the necessary removal of water. Everything has been focused on the removal of socialist politruks.
  • There is an outstanding demand for to replace the antiquated Reich's domain name system with a Republican alternative.

Uncertainty reigns as The Great Again approaches. Keep coming back and wait for The Great Again to happen.

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