Popular Voting Machine Hacked With Seals Intact, Plays Pacman

J. Alex Halderman, professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan, has modified a Sequoia AVC-Edge DRE voting machine to play classic video game Pac-Man. The machines were in widespread use in parts of Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, and Virginia, according to the manufacturer Verified Voting. Instead of "using the machines to steal votes" they decide to use a MAME emulator to play the popular arcade game. The machines have 486 SLE processor and 32 MB of RAM, and runs MS-DOS as it OS. The professor said the machine was last used in the 2008 Williamsburg, Virginia primary elections, and was part of a pair sold for $100. Halderman further indicated the machine can indeed run linux as well, leaving open the possibility for a wider array of future projects.

3 thoughts on “Popular Voting Machine Hacked With Seals Intact, Plays Pacman

  1. mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo incidentally, since you're maybe the only guy here that actually gas re us politics : admitting for the sake of this argument that trump really is the you know, tell-it-how-it-is, fight back against the system independent bla bla : what does the fact that he isn't making "electronic votes are not a sufficient way to settle this election" a central part of his campaign ?
    mircea_popescu: you'd expect the anti-lizard fellow to be anti-diebold definitionally and before anything else. "either paper trial or no vote took place",

    ~March 2016.

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