Phuctor Begins Processing SKS Keyserver Dump

The Phuctor, a service for testing the strength of RSA public keys used by the Gnu Privacy Guard and other PGP encryption software has begun digesting the output of an SKS keyserver's public key inventory. The Phuctor is a service provided by No Such lAbs. As of the time of this publication the Phuctor has processed more than 6500 public keys and found 60 with one or more duplicate moduli.1 The Phuctor, as announced on Stanislav "asciilifeform" Datskovskiy's blog Loper OS utilizes Euclid's algorithm for testing the quality of RSA moduli. The Phuctor has already been integrated into the Web of Trust explorers for both the #bitcoin-otc and #bitcoin-assets WoTs allowing users to check the key quality of potential counterparties. As the number of keys processed by the Phuctor increases the quality of feedback in can provide for keys already in its database grows.

  1. Likely the same keys found in different places or with different information attached.  

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