- 094D9668C13448F4869AB21BF0779D36675D26FA4648585BD73E9A661AA0F936DD440D9B2DD523D8D363C143FC4F6F9B4BBB20F4F7F7C05067B4F3992D3B7461
+ 093BE13909EE7CD2A1A381C45A35E93CE3D7491987ADF948FF44E5D94E201CE78410D6CB72B67B046979E45AAA6B20EE05079F30A922467ED6BD7F76F28217E1
(3 . 3)(3 . 4)
5 546152 smg_comms_packing_serpent diana_coman Packing/Unpacking Serpent messages <-> Serpent packets. Includes Serpent implementation.
6 547275 smg_comms_c_wrappers diana_coman C wrappers for RSA and MPI methods that are needed by SMG Comms (so that they can be called from Ada using only arrays of octets as inputs/outputs).
7 547983 smg_comms_rsa_oaep diana_coman RSA with OAEP from ADA using the c_wrappers for RSA only. It includes reading from FG in Ada and repeat of OAEP until first octet is < first octet of key's modulus (i.e. without going through MPI for comparison).
8 548433 smg_comms_packing_rsa diana_coman Packing/Unpacking RSA messages <-> RSA packets of Eulora's communication protocol.